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Florida Man Arrested When Molly Fell From Pants

A man who said he did not have any drugs on him was taken into custody after two baggies of what was purported to be “Molly” allegedly dropped from his pants while he was standing in front of law enforcement agents.

In the evening on December 22, 44-year-old Travis Bernard Holton was reportedly driving his Ford Fusion down U.S. Highway 1 in Grassy Key, Florida.

A deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was driving near Holton’s car when they reportedly noticed that the vehicle’s license plate was not properly illuminated.

Around 9:30 pm, the deputy performed a traffic stop on Holton.

When backup officers arrived, a K9 officer was released at the scene. While the K9 was sniffing around Holton’s car, the police believed that it was displaying indications that drugs might be in the vehicle.

The officers spoke with Holton and asked whether he had narcotics, and the man allegedly denied having anything.

Holton reportedly told the officers that he had no problem with them searching his person, as well as his Fusion when asked if he would permit them to inspect.

Holton stood so the police could check his body to ensure he was not holding drugs, and they reportedly requested that he open his legs wider so they could pat him down properly.

When Holton moved his legs apart, it was reported that two plastic sandwich bags containing a crystalline substance dropped from his pants.

The authorities questioned Holton about the contents of the bags, and the man allegedly told them that it was “Molly,” (the street name for MDMA) and that he had two ounces of the substance.

MDMA is often mixed with different illicit substances, and when the police tested the contents of the bags they said amphetamines were identified in the nearly 60 grams of product they allegedly seized.

Holton was placed under arrest and booked into the Monroe County Jail. He is facing a felony charge for trafficking methamphetamine—14 grams or more, and he is being held without bail.

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