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Florida Man Taunted Officers by Twerking in the Rain

When the police were trying to detain a man in the middle of the street during a rainstorm, the suspect began to dance around and twerking in a purported attempt to mock and resist them.

57-year-old Richard Wolfe is from Crystal River, Florida.

Around noon on September 7, Wolfe was reportedly driving his SUV down State Road 44 in Inverness.

A detective with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office reported that they saw Wolfe’s SUV swerve out of the left lane, and into a left-turn lane painted median.

The detective, who was in an unmarked patrol car, said Wolfe wanted to pass a car ahead of him and used the middle of the road to do so. The SUV reportedly cut off a vehicle when re-entering the left lane.

The detective reported that he was concerned because the stormy day was causing low visibility on the road. He performed a traffic stop, and Wolfe stopped the SUV in the center of the road.

A passerby parked on the shoulder and recorded a video of the interaction between Wolfe and the detective.

According to reports, Wolfe got out of his vehicle and pulled a knife out of the waistband of his pants. The man allegedly tossed the blade in a patch of grass along the roadside.

A deputy arrived as a backup for the detective, and they tried to get Wolfe to return to his SUV.

When the man walked back to his vehicle, he can be seen on the video as he began to dance around. Wolfe placed his back against the SUV and started to gyrate his hips in front of the police. Afterward, he put his hands on the ground and began “twerking.”

During his dance routine, Wolfe reportedly mocked the officers and asked why they were afraid since he only had a knife and the police had guns.

Since Wolfe allegedly continued to resist, the police felt they needed to use a Taser to gain control of the situation.

Wolfe was booked into the county jail for resisting an officer without violence, fleeing from law enforcement after being ordered to stop, and reckless driving. He was held on a $3,500 bond.

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