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Foot-Fancying Suspect Paid Juveniles for Used Socks

A man who allegedly accepted pictures of boys’ feet in addition to reportedly giving them money for their socks was charged last week for the accusations.

Just before 8:30 am on Wednesday, a man reportedly spoke with an officer at the local police station to inform them about a situation he was allegedly entangled in that involved three underage boys.

The man, identified as 37-year-old Christopher Minnier, provides EMT services to the Manheim Township youth football program.

While telling the officer the details of what allegedly transpired between himself and the boys, it was discovered that Minnier reportedly has familiarity with them through his connection to youth football. The man said he interacted with two of the boys using online social media applications from early September until the beginning of October. He also reportedly disclosed that he interacted with a third boy over a three-day period beginning on September 29.

While talking with the first two boys, Minnier allegedly requested pictures of their bare feet, before asking them to meet him at the park with socks they had previously worn. Minnier allegedly paid the boys $50 each for their dirty laundry.

When Minnier discussed his interaction with the third boy, who was reported as being 15-years-old, he allegedly said that he received messages where the teen wanted the man to pay him $500 to ensure his silence. The boy told Minnier that he had learned what he had been doing with the other boys and if he was not paid, he would “tell the police and Minnier’s employer that he was speaking to underage children.”

Minnier reportedly paid the teenager but was then asked for another $2,000, inciting the man to go to the authorities himself.

After investigating the chat messages on Minnier’s phone, and looking over the transcripts on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat regarding the reported situation, Minnier was accused of three counts of misdemeanor corruption of a minor.

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