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Former UFC Champ Charged for Busting Fan’s Phone

A fan’s phone lost in a match against MMA fighter Connor McGregor when he tried to take a picture of the star who allegedly responded by destroying the electronic device.

The 30-year-old former UFC champion in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions was recently on vacation in Miami Beach with his family when he spent some time at a nightclub inside of a hotel.

As McGregor left the establishment when they closed at 5:00 am, he reportedly came into contact with a fan who decided to grab his cell phone and take a picture of the celebrity athlete.

McGregor, who was allegedly not pleased by the impromptu photography, reportedly reacted by smacking the phone from the man’s hands and forcefully stepped on it several times before walking off with the purportedly pulverized gadget.

The alleged victim notified the authorities and filed a police report, noting that the broken phone was worth a thousand dollars.

Officers went to McGregor’s Florida home and placed him under arrest for the alleged takedown of the pricey item.

McGregor was booked into the county jail and charged with felony strong-armed robbery, and misdemeanor criminal mischief over $1000.

A couple of hours after he was arrested, McGregor posted bond and was released from custody. His attorney stated that McGregor “pledges his full cooperation” with regards to the minor mishap with the phone.

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