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Four Arrested for Dining and Dashing over Raw Steak

Four women are facing charges after they allegedly skipped out on paying their restaurant check when they asserted the restaurant served them undercooked.

A group of 18-year-old’s later identified as Savanna Brown, Onastea Tompkins, Angel Lovell, and Kiarra Warren reportedly decided to head to a restaurant for a meal in the early morning hours.

The women went to Denny’s restaurant located on U.S. Highway 20 in Portage, Indiana.

After they were seated, the girls placed their order with the waitress, who said they each consumed their meals before ordering dessert.

The waitress attempted to return to the computer to adjust the bill by adding the dessert so that the women could pay their check.

With the employee’s back turned, the women allegedly left the establishment before paying for the food they had reportedly ordered and consumed.

The Burns Harbor Police Department was notified about the situation, and an officer went to Denny’s to take a statement from the waitress who served the suspects.

An officer intercepted the vehicle in which the women were traveling when it was seen driving down the highway at a high rate of speed.

A traffic stop was performed, and the officer believed the interior of the vehicle smelled like marijuana.

When the officer inquired about the substance, each of the women reportedly stated that they were unsure where it had come from.

When talking with Brown, she allegedly stated that they left the restaurant because the steak they ordered was very undercooked and they did not think it was worth paying the bill.

Tompkins reportedly said that Brown’s account was accurate, but Lovell and Warren chose to remain silent.

All four women were placed under arrest for suspicion of misdemeanor theft, and possession of marijuana.

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