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Refused Request for Oral Sex Led to Felony Charge

The 69-year-old boyfriend of a Florida woman was allegedly assaulted by his partner after denying her request for oral sexual gratification.

46-year-old Katanya Jordan and her boyfriend have been together for quite a while, and the pair lives together with a roommate in Largo, Florida.

In the early morning hours on October 11, Jordan and her beau reportedly got into a verbal altercation due to his disapproval of her alleged use of crack cocaine.

While the pair were engaged in the fight, Jordan reportedly started screaming at her boyfriend and telling him that she wanted him to perform oral sex on her.

The man said no, and Jordan allegedly lashed out at him physically by beating on him with her hands and scratching him with her nails.

Around 3:00 am, the alleged victim called the authorities, and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office sent law enforcement to the home.

When they arrived, Jordan was no longer in the residence.

A deputy took a statement from the man about what had transpired and recorded in the police report that Jordan’s boyfriend had noticeable wounds that looked as if they could have been made with her fingernails.

Her boyfriend reported that near the end of the alleged physical altercation, Jordan had taken his phone without his permission and left the home.

When their roommate was asked about what had taken place, their story reportedly corroborated with what the authorities were told by Jordan’s boyfriend.

Since she was not in the home, the police brought in K9 officers who helped them locate Jordan.

She was taken into custody and read her Miranda rights, and Jordan reportedly chose to speak with the police.

Jordan was recorded as stating that she and her boyfriend had a fight resulting in her being choked by the man, and her actions towards him were in self-defense.

Jordan, who has a list of prior criminal convictions, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail, and she is expected to face charges for felony domestic battery, in addition to grand theft.

Her bond was set at $12,500.

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