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Four Children Assist in Stealing Car Batteries from Walmart

At a Georgia Walmart on the 4th of July, a minivan carrying a man, a woman, and four female children was seen on surveillance as the children allegedly helped the adults illegally take car batteries from the business and put them into the vehicle.

After the discovery that the store appeared to be missing several car batteries, and while investigating the cause of the loss on their security video footage, a minivan with six individuals was seen parked near one of the inventory storage areas located on the outside of the building.

Four little girls, the youngest suspected as being 5 or 6-years-old, were reportedly shown removing the batteries from the secured storage place after the adult woman accompanying them allegedly smashed the lock off using what was appeared to be a hammer. Both of the adults also purportedly took part in packing the batteries into the vehicle.

More than 45 batteries were reported as missing from the premises, each one holding a value of nearly $75.00, and the authorities believe that the people involved in the alleged theft had planned to profit by selling the goods to a battery recycling center.

Lilburn Police hold the belief that the people seen in the video were likely a family. After locating the establishment where the batteries in question were believed to have been taken in exchange for cash, police noted that the identification used during the transaction belonged to 34-year-old Dino Vlado and they have decided he is likely the male seen in the Walmart recording. They are still trying to learn who the woman is.

Vlado has not yet been located by the authorities, who have said that they plan to charge him with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, one count of theft by taking, and one count of theft by deception, when he is apprehended.

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