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Fugitive Captured After Taunting Police on Facebook

A woman on the Greene County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted list recently mocked them in a response on their Facebook page which ultimately led to her apprehension.

23-year-old Chloe Jones, a mother of 2 with her third child on the way, was recently reported as the #2 most wanted fugitive in Greene County after she skipped out on a court appearance where she had been scheduled to address a simple assault charge that she had been issued.

When Jones failed to show up at the designated court for her 9:00 am hearing, the Sheriff’s Office placed her as #2 on their Top Ten Most Wanted list and proceeded to upload it to their Facebook page.

Jones, who was under medical care in the hospital and sedated at the time of her hearing, said that her lawyer notified her of the warrant out for her arrest. She then spotted the post on the Sheriff’s Office’s site and allegedly decided to leave a comment that led the authorities to assume that she was intentionally instigating them.

The offending comment was comprised of Jones asking, “Do you guys do pick up or delivery??” followed by a few laugh emojis.

When other Facebook users read the comment they began to express their discontent at her perceived disrespect, which caused Jones to jump to her own defense by explaining that she could not have made the court appearance because she was in the trauma center at a hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia, at the time that it was scheduled. She additionally said that the hospital had sent a fax to confirm her whereabouts and explain her inability to be present.

When law enforcement read her location they dispatched to the hospital and detained Jones.

Jones, who was extradited back to Pennsylvania to face the charge, wrote, “I made #2 most wanted for something that I couldn’t control,” to try to explain why her initial reaction to the situation was the apparent expression of ironic humor.

After Jones’ arrest, the Sheriff’s Office dropped a message on Facebook stating that “her witty comments are taking a hiatus” since she is now incarcerated.

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