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Dog Walker Assaulted With Urine Filled Gun

When a woman was out for a stroll with her dog she allegedly became the target of an attack by a man with a water gun that he had filled with his own urine.

On Saturday evening, a dog owner was walking with her furry companion when she was allegedly met by a man wielding a water gun.

As the man walked up to her, she reported that he used the plastic piece to soak her in what she believed was his own urine.

When the authorities intervened, they identified the man as 71-year-old Joel Benjamin. As they were speaking with him, Benjamin allegedly disclosed he was the satisfied perpetrator of the precipitation. The affidavit additionally included a claim that the man had reportedly mentioned that he would repeat the action.

Though it has not been confirmed in public documents, it was reported that Benjamin may have initiated the alleged assault out of irritation over the purportedly large population of dog owners in the community that doesn’t pick up the poop.

Benjamin was taken to the county jail and charged on suspicion of misdemeanor assault. The authorities noted that they did not believe that the alleged victim had suffered any bodily harm during the incident.

Benjamin was incarcerated for just over half a day before submitting his ordered $500 bond.

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