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Generous Man Battered With Airborne Dinner

When the dinner that her live-in boyfriend had purchased included items that she disapproved of, a woman reportedly threw the food at the man resulting in domestic violence charges for battery.

65-year-old Donna Lee Gramley and her 64-year-old partner live in a mobile home park together in an area close to Tampa Bay, Florida.

Gramley’s housemate bought Chinese food for dinner and he included some items in his order that he shared with his neighbors.

When Gramley learned that the man had given the food to the nearby residents she allegedly became angry by his deed.

As he lay in bed, Gramley was said to have thrown some of the take-out meal through the air in the reported victim’s direction causing the chow to hit him.

A deputy from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene and said that there were still particles of the dinner visible. The man was not reported as being hurt in any way during the event.

As the deputy took Gramley into custody the arrest report stated that she was deemed as uncooperative which added to her charges.

Gramley was jailed just after 7:00 pm, and she allegedly told the authorities that she did throw the food in the man’s direction. She is facing charges for resisting arrest, and domestic battery for the incident.

After spending the night in jail Gramley was let out on her own recognizance.

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