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Girlfriend Arrested for Violent Refusal of Cuddle Request

When a Florida woman’s boyfriend asked her to cuddle in the middle of the night, the woman reportedly refused and beat him with a fan.

45-year-old Kiesel Shatate Anthony resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she and her boyfriend share a dwelling.

Anthony, who allegedly battered her boyfriend earlier this year, is currently on a deferred prosecution agreement stipulating that she has to take part in a year-long domestic violence program that includes counseling.

In the middle of the night on September 22, Anthony and her significant other were reportedly lying in bed together.

Anthony’s man wanted to get close to her, and he asked her if she was interested in snuggling.

The woman said no, and she allegedly became angry at her boyfriend for trying to convince her to share in the unwanted physical encounter.

Anthony allegedly jumped up out of the bed and “started to yell and scream.”

She allegedly grabbed a standing fan and threw it at the man, and then reportedly used the pole to assault him. The pole allegedly hit Anthony’s boyfriend in the leg with such force that it left marks.

The police were notified about the alleged domestic violence, and officers went to the couple’s home.

When they arrived, the authorities noted that the alleged victim was sporting marks that looked as if they might have come from being struck with a pole.

Anthony was placed under arrest. The woman, who has an extensive list of prior convictions, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic battery.

Due to the new charges, Anthony may have her deferred prosecution agreement revoked.

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