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Girlfriend Attacked Beau Pro Wrestling Style

A man who was the alleged victim of domestic violence accused his girlfriend of attacking him with the gusto and style of professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.

On August 17, the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to a home with a reported domestic disturbance taking place. When they arrived, deputies found 23-year-old Chastity Bodnar and her 26-year-old boyfriend Coty Lee Havens inside the dwelling.

While collecting a statement from Havens about what had taken place, the man said he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument when he offered her unsolicited advice by telling her that she consumes alcohol in excess.

Bodnar did not reportedly take kindly to the comment, and she allegedly flew into a rage causing Havens to leave the main house and go into the garage, which is attached to the home.

Havens said his girlfriend trailed him into the garage and began to act like Stone Cold Steve Austin. The notorious wrestler has been known to drink two beers at once and throw the emptied cans aside during his performances. Havens stated that Bodnar got her hands on two cans of beer and allegedly mangled them before assaulting him.

In an effort to halt the unscheduled bout, Havens reported that he grabbed Bodnar securely and forced her to the ground so no further physical violence would occur before the authorities arrived.

The police report indicates that two smashed beer cans were found in the garage, and Bodnar was placed under arrest for suspicion of domestic battery.

It was also reported that Havens became argumentative with the officers at the scene, and he was also booked into the county jail on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting.

Both Bodnar and Havens were released from custody the following afternoon.

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