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Girlfriend Countered Sex Rejection With Knife Attack

After her boyfriend told her that he was too sleepy to have sex, a woman allegedly sliced him many times with a kitchen knife when she reportedly became rather agitated over being turned down.

Jennifer Lee Chapman and her boyfriend live together in an apartment in Dunedin, Florida. The 36-year-old woman reportedly got the urge to become sexually intimate with her boyfriend around 5:30 am on Friday.

When Chapman propositioned her man he told her he was too drowsy and decided to reject her request, which incited a verbal altercation between the pair.

Her alleged exasperation over being rejected reportedly resulted in Chapman entering the kitchen in the couple’s apartment and grabbing hold of a knife causing her to obtain a cut on her arm, according to her boyfriend.

In an effort to try to stop Chapman from further injuring herself her boyfriend stepped in, and they fell to the floor where they reportedly wrestled around for a few moments before disjoining.

While they were apart, Chapman allegedly took the knife to her boyfriend’s flesh and gashed him on the arm and shoulder more than once, and then left the premises.

The Sheriff’s Department was notified, and when the deputy took a report from the alleged victim it was noted that he had hemorrhaging wounds on the areas of his skin that reportedly made contact with the cutlery. The man also told the deputy that Chapman had punched him, in addition to slamming her head against his skull, which was purported as the cause of a noticeable reddened mark that was recorded in the affidavit.

Five days following the alleged domestic violence incident, Chapman, who was noted in the affidavit as being disabled and having signs indicative of mental illness, was placed under arrest.

Chapman is facing charges of felony aggravated battery, and she may have additional legal repercussions because she is currently on probation from being convicted for a drug crime last year.

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