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Kids Left Home Alone While Dad Partied at Strip Club

A father in charge of caring for his two children, one of whom has brain damage, allegedly left the youngsters to fend for themselves while he went to a strip club for several hours.

Florida resident Kalvin Guice, a 38-year-old dad, was recently asked to take care of his two young children since their grandmother had passed away and their mother needed to travel out of state for the funeral.

On Friday, around 9:00 pm, Guice allegedly left the children alone and departed his residence.

The male child is reportedly unable to speak and has severe autism and brain damage. His sister, who is also a youth, is purportedly not able to provide the level of constant care and support that her brother needs.

Guice reportedly ventured nearly 10 miles to the 4 Play Gentleman’s Lounge in Gandy Beach without leaving a responsible party in charge of the kids while he was allegedly away from home until about 1:00 am.

The way they learned that the children were left by themselves was not recorded in the police report, but when Guice returned home he was greeted by the authorities, who had gone to the home to inspect the situation.

When the police checked on the children they allegedly found the boy in his bedroom wearing a diaper that severely needed changing. Though neither of their ages has been disclosed at this time the authorities deemed that the boy’s sister was not old enough nor capable of being in charge.

Due to allegations of neglectful behavior, Guice was read his rights and informed that he was being taken into custody.

The affidavit reflects that the police continued to question Guice, and they reported that he said he spent about four hours at the strip bar where he drank four or five Jack Daniel’s mixed drinks. Guice was also recorded as agreeing with the officer when he was asked if the kids were in “need constant supervision and he failed to provide this.”

After being booked into the county jail Guice was issued charges for 2 felony counts of neglect of a child without great bodily harm. It was also ordered that he have no contact with his children due to the allegations.

Guice was released from custody after posting $5,000 bond.

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