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Gucci Purses and Wallets Stolen out of Parked Car

Two people in Florida were arrested for allegedly swiping wallets and purses out of a parked vehicle and trying to use one of the credit cards to purchase almost $3000 in merchandise.

Last Monday, several Gucci designer wallets and purses were reported stolen from a vehicle burglarized in Alachua. The key fob for the car was also taken. When the owners of the items realized they were missing, the authorities were notified.

It was reported that the bank began tracking the activity on the accounts associated with the missing cards, and one of them was used more than 30 times to try to pay for $2800 worth of merchandise. Several CashApp transfers were initiated, and someone tried to pay for items at a local Circle K using the allegedly stolen card.

The surveillance video from the convenience store was reviewed. A man and woman were seen handing the card back and forth to each other while trying to access funds, and the police believed they identified the people who used the card.

When they talked to the suspects, the woman reportedly told the police she used the card at the market but was not present when the car was burglarized. She said she thought the man was the perpetrator. The man decided he would not speak to the authorities without an attorney.

Both suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office – County of Jail. They are each facing preliminary charges for three counts of larceny of a credit card, one count of unarmed burglary of an unoccupied vessel, one count of obtaining property worth over $300 through the fraudulent use of credit cards, one count of grand theft larceny – more than $750 and less than $5000, and fraudulently possessing four or fewer identification cards. According to jail records, they are both still incarcerated in lieu of $30,500 bonds.

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