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Drunk Teen Spit in Deputy’s Face During Arrest

An Alabama teenager on vacation in Florida reportedly got drunk and harassed people playing tennis and spit on the face of a deputy who was arresting him for the alleged inappropriate behavior.

On the evening of March 25, a 17-year-old from Mountain Brook who was on vacation in Florida was hanging out at Santa Rosa Beach. The young man walked over to an area with tennis courts, and he allegedly started bothering the people who were playing. What reportedly began with the teen launching a verbal assault soon escalated into the physical realm.

The young man was asked to depart the premises, but he allegedly pushed a man so hard that he fell. When he regained his footing, the man grabbed the teen and held him down until the authorities arrived.

Deputies from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the situation, and they reported that they believed the teenager had been drinking alcohol based on the way he was behaving. They reportedly found a large bottle of vodka when they checked his backpack.

According to reports, the suspect remained combative and gave the deputies a hard time while they detained him. He allegedly used profane language and yelled at the law enforcement officers, in addition to his mother. Additionally, while one of the deputies was near him, the young man allegedly spit in his face.

The teenager was taken into custody and brought to the Walton County Jail. Shortly after, he was transported to Crestview and booked into the Department of Juvenile Justice. He is facing preliminary charges of battery on an officer, battery, obstruction without violence, and possession of alcohol by a person under 21 years of age.

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