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Guests Unknowingly Filmed while Using Bathroom at Pool Party

A man who allegedly placed a video camera in his bathroom reportedly recorded many guests at his pool party while they used the toilet.

On August 29, 40-year-old Kyle Jon Vandermolen and his wife hosted a pool party at their residence in St. Charles, Missouri. Approximately 20 guests attended.

One of the women at the soiree went into the bathroom and noticed an electronic device. She believed it was intentionally concealed and aimed at the toilet, and it appeared to be recording video.

She got her hands on the storage card inside of the camera, and the woman brought it to her husband, who was also at the party. She informed Vandermolen’s wife about what she discovered.

When the couple left the party, they brought the memory card home with them. They allegedly found 11 videos of many guests at the party while in the act of using the bathroom. Four of the videos reportedly showed the woman and her husband and revealed their private parts.

Besides the couple, four women and a 4-year-old boy were all caught allegedly on video as they used the toilet.

The next day, the woman who found the device went to Vandermolen’s home. Several neighbors accompanied the woman, and they spoke with Vandermolen about the camera found in his bathroom.

The man reportedly told his neighbors that he did place the device in the bathroom, and he said he was very sorry. He allegedly shared that he was seeking counseling for what he believed was a problem with alcohol.

Someone recorded Vandermolen when he was speaking with the people confronting him, and the clip was shared with the authorities.

Officers with the St. Charles Police Department went to Vandermolen’s residence on August 1, and he was placed under arrest for the accusations.

Vandermolen is facing charges for felony invasion of privacy. He was released from custody after paying a $10,000 bond.

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