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Nude Woman Cruised Through Armed Standoff on Golf Cart

A naked Florida woman reportedly rode a golf cart through an active standoff between the authorities and a shooter that was positioned on a nearby rooftop.

On the evening of September 5, deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were trying to get control of a situation involving a teenager who had a gun on the rooftop.

The authorities formed a perimeter around the premises with patrol cars, and the boy reportedly held them at bay for over 6 hours.

Just before midnight, someone on a golf cart drove past several of the deputies involved in the standoff.

Upon closer inspection, the police asserted that the driver of the cart was a naked woman.

The woman was reportedly heading in the direction of the residence where the suspect with the gun was. One of the deputies tried to get her to stop, but the woman reportedly continued driving.

When she navigated past the deputy, the woman was reportedly told to immediately get out of the golf cart.

The woman reportedly did not cooperate with the commands, and the police physically removed her from the cart.

In addition to purportedly putting herself in harm’s way, the police reported that the woman’s alleged actions left them open to being shot by the suspect on the roof.

The driver, identified as 28-year-old Jessica Elisabeth Smith, was placed in handcuffs.

According to the police report, Smith “had a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person.” Despite the purported scent, it was recorded on the affidavit that alcohol influence was not indicated.

Smith was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She is expected to face charges for suspicion of misdemeanor obstruction.

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