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Half-Naked Florida Woman Pranced out of Circle K Bathroom

A woman who was reportedly intoxicated was arrested after allegedly emerging from a Circle K bathroom without any pants or underwear on.

Early in the morning on June 3, a clerk was working his shift at a Circle K store in Umatilla, Florida, when a woman entered and went into the bathroom.

A deputy from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was in the store when the woman came out of the restroom. He and the clerk reportedly saw she was not wearing any clothing from the waist down, and her body parts were on display.

The deputy notified the Umatilla Police Department about the situation.

When speaking with the woman, identified as 21-year-old Kendall Renee Mabry, the authorities inquired about why she was not wearing proper attire in the public establishment. The Altoona woman allegedly said a deputy, who was not present at the time, told her that it was okay for her to do so.

The officers noted that Mabry smelled like she had been drinking alcoholic beverages. They asserted that she was speaking and behaving in a way that further suggested she was intoxicated.

When they looked inside her car, the police said they saw Mabry’s shed clothing. They also reported that her vehicle reeked of marijuana.

The woman explained that she had a state-issued medical card permitting her to use marijuana, but Mabry was reportedly unable to provide it to the officers at the scene.

Mabry was placed under arrest and taken to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. She was booked for suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly intoxication and has pleaded not guilty.

Mabry was released on a $500 bond shortly after she was booked.

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