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High School Grad Trip Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

The driver of a full school bus of individuals going on a high school field trip was accused of driving under the influence when he allegedly ran three red lights and ignored the pleas of the riders by refusing to stop the vessel.

On the evening of March 25, the Sebring High School set out on a trip to Daytona Beach for “Project Graduation.” The attendees were driven in two Holiday Coach Lines shuttle buses. One of the parents was going on the trip and was traveling along with the buses but riding in their own vehicle.

It was reported that one of the buses was driven by a 55-year-old man, and he had approximately 30 graduating seniors and four chaperones on board. Six of the passengers were underage. They began the journey at approximately 6:30 PM, and before long, the riders started wondering if there was something wrong with the driver.

According to reports, the man was driving recklessly. He allegedly failed to stop at three red traffic lights, and the riders began yelling at him and insisted he pull over. A woman on the bus called 911 to alert them about the situation. The operator reportedly heard people screaming in the background, and the caller said she believed the driver was intoxicated. The mother driving her own vehicle also got a call from her daughter telling her what was happening on the bus.

The woman pulled in front of the bus and stopped her car in its path, forcing the driver to stop. When the police arrived, they reported that the bus driver performed poorly on roadside sobriety tests.

The man was taken into custody. He is facing preliminary charges of DUI, four counts of child abuse without great bodily harm, and culpable negligence.

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