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High School Student Charged With Sexual Assault on Classmates

A teenage boy who stands accused of several felony sexual charges was taken into custody on Thursday for alleged criminal acts against at least six classmates from his previous high school.

Maysen Melton, now 16-years-old, was enrolled as a student at Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas. During a period spanning approximately one year which ended in March 2017, Melton purportedly engaged in sexual activity deemed as assault with four of his teenage classmates and victimized two others.

It is alleged that Melton forced some of the young girls to have sex with him, and he caused others harm through physical assault. In some cases, he demanded explicit photos with the intent of using them as blackmail. He was charged as an adult last May and placed on house arrest in June.

Melton was expelled from Shadow Ridge High School, and since he was allowed to attend school he was transferred to Palo Verde High School in October, where he attended as a junior.  The school principal stated in a letter to parents that Melton is not known to have committed any offenses while enrolled at the school.

On Wednesday at Melton’s grand jury indictment he was charged with sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping, and battery with intent to commit sexual assault. On Thursday morning before going to school he was taken into custody in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Melton’s lawyer, Dustin Marcello, fought against the ordered bail stating that his client does not pose a flight risk and has not been in trouble with the law in any way since being released in May. He also stated that the girls, ages 15 to 18, had all been a part of consensual relationships with his client. Marcello believes Melton has fallen victim to the legal system as well, and that he is being treated as if he is guilty before he has been convicted of any of the charges by being forced to stay incarcerated unless submitting such a high dollar amount for the ordered bond.

If Melton is convicted of the charges he could be sentenced to life in prison.

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