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Hip Bone Visible Through Disabled Daughter’s Rotting Flesh

A 50-year-old mother in Indiana has been accused of neglecting her non-verbal disabled adult daughter so severely that her decomposed flesh left her hip bone exposed.

A Fort Wayne mother who cares for her disabled daughter, who has cerebral palsy and Rhett syndrome, took the woman to Parkview Regional Medical Center to have them look at parts of her body with wounds that were not healing on their own. Her mother explained that they were smaller the previous month but that her daughter kept scratching, causing them to worsen.

The doctors found that the woman’s hip bone and metal rods from a surgical procedure were visible in places where her skin had eroded.

She weighed 67 pounds and was also missing toes. When her mother was asked about it, she reportedly said she thought rats or another animal had gnawed them off and that the toes had been missing since 2020.

Adult services had connected her with Easter Seals, who offered her 33 hours a week of assistance with caring for her daughter, but it was reported that she had not used the service since November.

It was reported that the authorities spoke to the alleged victim’s mother, and the woman agreed to talk to them. She allegedly said she did not feel she was capable of caring for her daughter anymore, and she would never do anything to hurt her.

The woman was placed under arrest and booked into the Allen County Jail. According to reports, she is currently facing preliminary charges for two felony counts of neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury.

A short time after her booking, the woman was released from custody on a monitored conditional release.

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