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Florida Man Fled into Woods After Robbing Gas Station at Gunpoint

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly robbing a gas station at gunpoint and trying to run away from the authorities when they spotted him.

At approximately 2:30 am on June 12, a man wearing a gray hoodie and a rainbow bandana over his nose and mouth walked into a Marathon gas station market and bought a pack of cigarettes.

The customer used cash for the transaction, and when the register was open, he allegedly pulled a handgun out of his hoodie and pointed it at the cashier. The man reportedly ordered the employee to place the store’s phone, their cell phone, and everything in the register into a bag.

After he took the bag from the cashier, the man fled from the store, and the authorities were notified.

An officer with the Ocala Police Department was driving toward the store when they saw two people walking down the street, and one of them appeared to match the description of the person reported as the robber. When the person spotted the police, they ran into the woods in a purported attempt to get away.

When backup officers arrived and began searching in the wooded area, a K9 located a bag holding two phones and cash.

According to reports, the K9 officer also found a man wearing a gray hoodie who allegedly had a small gun in their pocket. The police suspected he was the perpetrator of the robbery.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Marion County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges on suspicion of armed robbery, grand theft of over $750 but less than $5,000, and loitering and prowling. He is currently being held without bail.

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