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Hockey Mom Charged With Giving Son’s Teammates Alcohol and Sex

The Orange County register reports that a Laguna Niguel resident was arrested for drinking and having sex with her son’s underage friends since 2005. The woman, a 45-year old mother of three, is reportedly a “hockey mom” who allegedly met some of her son’s teammates during a sleepover at her home.

When interviewed by sheriff’s detectives, the woman first denied the allegations, but finally admitted to having sex with the older boy. She insists that she thought the older of the two boys was 18, like her son. He turned out to be 16. The woman’s Orange County criminal defense attorney insisted that she was going through a tumultuous divorce at the time, but that she wasn’t pursuing the boy. He also stated that the woman rebuffed the advances of the younger 13-year old.

At her criminal trial in August, the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on of lewd acts on the younger child. She was, however, convicted of four felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the older child.

The failure of the jury to reach a verdict on the remaining charges means that the woman may be retried for those charges separately. As for now, she faces a maximum of five years in state prison at her sentencing this fall. She will also be forced to register for life as a convicted sex offender.

People charged with child molestation are sometimes ordinary people, like the Laguna Niguel or Orange County resident. Often, they do not intimidate, harass, or force their victims to engage in sex. Sometimes, they are not even aware that the sex is illegal. In some cases, they see themselves as the victim rather than the offender, and the facts of the case often make these roles difficult to distinguish.

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