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Homeless Couple Fornicated in Public View of Child

Two people who were reported as a part of the Clearwater homeless population were allegedly seen by a 12-year-old while they were performing sexual acts on each other in front of a historic theater.

70-year-old Susan Roscillo and 60-year-old Robert Kellogg are listed as homeless and staying in the city of Clearwater, Florida.

In the evening on Thanksgiving, the pair reportedly made their way to the Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre where they allegedly decided to put on a show of their own in front of the building.

A 12-year-old in the vicinity reportedly spotted the duo in action and was recorded as having seen Roscillo with her legs up and naked from the waist down, in addition to using her hand to masturbate Kellogg.

When Clearwater police arrived and interacted with Roscillo and Kellogg, they wrote in their report that Kellogg waived his Miranda rights and gave admission to the public sexual penetration, and said that Roscillo had stroked his penis more than once. He allegedly said he was aware that the encounter should not have taken place, and reportedly expressed regret.

While Kellogg was noted as being cooperative with the officers, Roscillo was allegedly judged as non-compliant because she reportedly continuously and very loudly stated that she wanted a lawyer.

Roscillo and Kellogg were both accused of being under the influence of alcohol, and they were placed under arrest.

Roscillo and Kellogg were booked into the Clearwater County Jail, and they are each facing felony charges for lewd and lascivious exhibition in the presence of a child under the age of 16.

According to jail records, Roscillo and Kellogg are still incarcerated, each being held on a $10,000 bond.

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