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Imposter Plays Doctor in Two Orange County Hospitals

An Irvine man has been accused of entering two hospitals on several different occasions over a six-week period where he allegedly pretended that he was a physician.

Starting at the end of April and extending to the beginning of May, the University of California Irvine Medical Center and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County reported that a man had entered their facilities and claimed that he was a doctor working on the premises eight times, and had issued a diagnosis to a patient at the university on one occasion.

The man allegedly told the university that he was a doctor but that he had misplaced his identification badge. The suspect also reportedly asked them to call the Children’s Hospital, with whom they are affiliated, in order to vouch for him and grant him access to their facility as well.

When hospital officials became curious of the man’s credentials it was reported that he supplied them with the name of a person who works for the university instead of his real name in order to satisfy their suspicions.

On May 4, it came to the attention of the hospital representatives that the man, who they believe is 23-year-old Ariya Oskouian, had been fraudulently acting as a physician and they notified the authorities.

Oskouian, who reportedly used to attend UC Irvine, was taken into custody by the Orange Police on Wednesday and he is facing charges of eight counts of misrepresenting himself as a medical professional, and giving a medical diagnosis while impersonating a doctor.

It was reported that none of the patients of the Children’s Hospital, nor their records, were available to the suspect during the incident.

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