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Man Facing Criminal Charges After Giving Girlfriend Wet Willy

When a man and his girlfriend got into an argument in mid-August she said that he gave her a “wet willy” while he was in a highly intoxicated state, and he was placed under arrest for the incident.

When 47-year-old Joseph Sireci’s girlfriend came home from work and entered their shared dwelling she reportedly discovered him heavily inebriated and sprawled out on the floor.

Sireci’s girlfriend decided to go to the home of an acquaintance with her daughter to avoid conflict, and he allegedly accompanied her on the visit.

On the way home Sireci purportedly got confrontational with his girlfriend as she was driving, and he is accused of grabbing and pulling at her before sticking a finger wet with his saliva into her ear. The woman said that he would not comply when she repeatedly asked him to stop behaving that way.

A short time after the family returned home the police arrived and arrested Sireci on suspicion of battery. He was taken into custody and when the authorities asked him he refused to consent to give a written statement, but he did tell them that he was not drunk.

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