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Imposter Social Worker Tried to Kidnap Baby in OC

A woman in Orange County allegedly went to a new mother’s home and tried to take her baby under the false pretense that she was a social worker.

Late Friday morning in Santa Ana, a woman who recently gave birth was at home with her family.

Around 11:00 am, someone knocked at the door and the new mom answered.

The mother was greeted by a woman who allegedly identified herself as Myela Ortega, and said that she was an employee with Orange County Children and Family Services. She further reportedly explained that she knew the woman had given birth some time in the past 14-days, and she had been sent to take the child from the mother’s custody.

When the mom became suspicious due to the stranger failing to produce identification, the woman claiming she was Ortega said that she would have to call the Sheriff’s Office if she wasn’t given the child.

The alleged victim told the woman at her door that she had no objection to the involvement of the authorities, but she would not release the child at that moment. The reportedly shaken up mother also tried to offer to accompany her infant if the woman would agree to that arrangement.

The suspect allegedly told the mom that she didn’t have room in her SUV for her to come along, and then reportedly left the premises in a hurry.

The alleged victim and her family recorded the suspect with their cell phones as she departed from their property, and the authorities were notified about what had taken place.

After learning that there was no one with the name Myela Ortega in the employment records at CFS the police used footage from one of the videos recorded of the suspect and publicly released it in an attempt to learn the woman’s real identity.

The Sheriff’s Office further stated that if a child was supposed to be removed from a home by social services, the social worker would be accompanied by the authorities.

The woman in the video turned herself in after its release. The infant’s mother and her family confirmed that she was the person who had allegedly tried to kidnap the newborn when they were given the opportunity to view the suspect.

The suspect, who was taken into custody, is set to undergo an interview with homicide detectives.

In response to the accusations, the woman reportedly said that she was not, in fact, trying to take the baby.

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