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Thief Popped For Stealing $1300 of Soda

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of pilfering over $1300 worth of soft drinks from a local pharmacy over a 2 month period.

The authorities recently had been investigating the CVS Pharmacy in Lancaster Township for their reportedly high number of recent thefts.

Toward the end of their probe, they discovered a man who had visited the location on numerous occasions and appeared to have left the store with soda that he did not pay for.

The shoplifting purportedly began on the morning of April 1, when a man went into the CVS and allegedly made off with over $100 in carbonated beverages without paying for the products. About ten minutes later, the same man was reportedly seen coming back to the store and taking more soda valued at nearly $140.

Three days later, at the same CVS location, the suspect allegedly returned in the late afternoon hours and helped himself to another batch of beverages worth over $100. Identical incidents on May 6, and May 18 reportedly took place costing the store approximately $200 more for the disappearing inventory.

A week went by without anyone noticing the suspect, when the man reportedly visited the CVS again on May 26, and this time he allegedly shoplifted almost $640 in soft drinks.

Over the course of the two-months-long timeline that the investigators put together regarding the stolen sodas, the establishment was reportedly robbed for a total of $1,367.79 of products.

Based on the information they collected the investigators believed that the person responsible for the thefts was 42-year-old Edgardo Rosado-Ramirez, who was reported as being a Lancaster Township local.

Rosado-Ramirez was taken into custody on May 31 for the allegations, and he is facing charges for seven counts of retail theft.

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