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Infant Suffered Brain Bleed When Shaken by Nanny

After a 3-month-old was diagnosed with a brain bleed purportedly caused by being shaken violently, the infant’s live-in nanny was taken into custody for allegedly causing the traumatic injury.

Alexis Schultz lives with a family in Brooklyn, where she provides nanny services for the two children at the residence.

On December 30, Schultz was reportedly taking care of the 2-month-old boy and his older sister.

Later, when the infant’s parents gave him his nighttime bottle, they reported that he vomited the entire contents.

The parents took the baby to see the doctor the next day, and he was diagnosed with a probable stomach virus.

After a day passed and the infant did not appear to be getting better, his parents were instructed to take him to the hospital for further diagnosis and intervention.

The baby was admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit, and medical professionals reported that he had a current brain bleed, in addition to an older and less severe bleed. The retinas in both of his eyes also suffered damage.

The doctors asserted that the injuries were caused by the child being shaken violently.

When the authorities spoke with the parents of the infant, they reported that they did not know the child had been through anything that might have caused him to develop a brain bleed.

Schultz reportedly discussed the situation with the police, and she allegedly said that she had been taking care of the children and felt frustrated and hungry. She reportedly admitted to shaking the infant when her stress got the better of her.

Schultz is facing charges for suspicion of assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

The infant’s condition is currently unknown.

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