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Man’s Cake Baking Supplies Tested Positive for Drugs

A Florida man was busted after allegedly telling the police that the substances in his backpack that reportedly tested positive for illegal drugs were baking supplies.

Just after 3:00 am on December 31, 30-year-old Jethro Geneus from Fort Pierce was a passenger in Honda that was pulled over by the police.

When the authorities were interacting with the driver and Geneus, they reported that Geneus shifted his legs and appeared to move something on the floor of the vehicle.

It was discovered that Geneus had an active warrant out for his arrest, and he was asked to get out of the car.

After the man complied with the request, the officer reported that he found a backpack sitting on the passenger’s side of the car. The driver reportedly said that it belonged to Geneus.

The officer reported that two bags holding powdered substances, in addition to a scale, were inside of the backpack.

When Geneus, who had already been read his Miranda rights, was asked to identify the contents, he allegedly said that they were sugar and corn starch he procured to bake a cake.

The police were not convinced that Geneus was being truthful, and after testing the powder in each of the bags, they allegedly discovered they were holding nearly a quarter-pound of MDMA.

Geneus was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail for the allegations.

While he was being escorted into the jail, a deputy alleged that Geneus dropped a bag with white powder in it.

The contents were tested, and it was allegedly revealed that the substance was methamphetamine.

It is expected that Geneus, who is being held on a $47,500 bond, will face charges for narcotics trafficking and introducing contraband into a detention facility.

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