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Infowars Host Alex Jones Accused of DWI

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones was arrested in Texas for allegations that he was driving while intoxicated.

Earlier this week, Alex Jones and his wife reportedly got into an argument resulting in Mr. Jones departing from their home for a while.

Due to the alleged intensity of the incident, Jones’ wife notified the authorities and informed them about the situation. She also reportedly told them that she believed he might have been consuming alcohol.

When a deputy was driving to the residence he spotted a vehicle he believed was Jones’ and he performed a traffic stop.

The deputy alleged that Jones smelled like he had been drinking and that he performed poorly on roadside sobriety tests. Jones, who was accused in the police report of acting in a manner causing the belief that he was drunk, was additionally reported as taking a breathalyzer test with a recorded .078 blood-alcohol concentration.

When speaking with the deputy, Jones reportedly told him that he and his wife had a disagreement during dinner and that he drank a bottle of sake during the meal.

According to the law in Texas concerning operating a vehicle after imbibing, one can be taken into custody whether or not their blood-alcohol content is .08 based on the discretion of the officer conducting the assessment.

The deputy surmised that Jones was intoxicated, and he placed him under arrest.

Jones was booked into the Travis County Jail just after 12:30 am, and he is expected to face charges for misdemeanor DWI. He was released from jail a little under 4-hours later after his bond was posted.

News outlets reported that the Infowars website held a post concerning the allegations stating that Jones was pulled over in a DWI dragnet put in place because the county was accused of having a low arrest rate. It additionally explained that “legal experts are confident the case will be quickly dropped because he didn’t violate the law.”

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