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Injured Elderly Woman Found in Home with 20 Feral Wolf Dogs

A North Carolina man was arrested following an investigation into his allegedly deplorable living conditions involving an injured elderly woman and over 40 wolf-hybrid dogs.

At the beginning of June, deputies from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into a case of alleged animal cruelty and domestic elderly abuse they believe was happening in a Denton residence. When they inspected the property, they reported that in addition to a man and an elderly woman, approximately 40 wolf-hybrid dogs were found living at the home. The inside and outside were believed to be in unlivable condition for both the humans and the dogs.

The authorities asserted that the dogs had not been socialized, and they determined they were feral. When they had them checked by veterinary professionals, it was learned that the animals had been exposed to and were carrying various diseases. It was ordered by the court that they be humanely euthanized for community safety reasons.

It was reported that the woman living in the residence was also in need of medical evaluation, and the doctors reported that she was suffering from significant injuries.

The man was held accountable for the situation and taken into custody. He was booked on suspicion of one count of felony domestic elderly abuse / neglect with serious injuries, 20 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals, and one misdemeanor local ordinance charge. According to Davidson County Detention Facility records, he is not currently jailed and has an upcoming court date scheduled for July 23, 2024.

Currently, there is no update on the woman’s medical condition, and the sheriff’s department has not shared what the specific injuries were or how they were obtained.

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