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Victim used Pocketknife to Stab Man During Attack

An Iowa man was arrested after being stabbed by a woman with a pocketknife who was reportedly trying to get away from him while he allegedly violently attacked her.

Late in the afternoon on July 1, a woman was at her desk using her computer in a Dubuque apartment while a 36-year-old man who also resides there was hanging out and drinking. According to reports, the day turned violent when the man allegedly picked up her cell phone and threw it in the direction of the woman. The device reportedly struck her on the chin.

The man allegedly approached and overturned her desk. He reportedly began striking her and trying to pull off her clothing, in addition to inhibiting her from getting up by holding her down with his knee on her neck. The woman had a pocketknife within her reach, and she used it to stab the man so she could try to escape.

When she ran outside, the man reportedly chased after her and threatened her life. The situation reportedly caught the attention of a man nearby, and he went over to help the woman when he allegedly saw her being kicked while she was on the ground.

The alleged victim called the police to report the incident, and when they arrived, they noted she had several injuries that looked like they could have come from the attack she described. It was reported that the suspect had a cut on his hand with a shirt wrapped around it.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Dubuque County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of one count of domestic abuse with the intent to inflict serious injury – first offense, and one count of first-degree harassment. He is being held in lieu of a $10,000 cash bond and has an upcoming court date on July 11.

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