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Instagram Influencers Caught with 200 Pounds of Cocaine

A pair of Instagram influencers were arrested and charged after they were allegedly caught with over 200 pounds of cocaine hidden in the vehicle in which they were traveling.

On June 1, a 34-year-old from Miramar, Florida, a fitness influencer on Instagram with over 10,000 followers, was reportedly driving a Ford Expedition with a 36-year-old singer, songwriter, and influencer from Van Nuys, California, in the passenger seat.

On June 1, a deputy pulled the duo over on Interstate 10 for allegedly violating a traffic law.

Both girls were questioned, and they allegedly gave differing stories, and the deputy became suspicious.

A K9 officer inspected the vehicle, and they reportedly responded in a way that indicated they detected drugs.

The authorities thoroughly searched the vehicle and allegedly found more than 200 pounds of cocaine in 84 separate packages hidden in different places throughout the SUV. The vehicle had reportedly been modified with several hidden compartments where the drugs were allegedly stashed. The floor of the SUV was “lowered and welded back together to provide storage room” according to a local media source.

Due to the nature of the alleged crime, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Detectives, and agents from the Department of Homeland Security took over the investigation after they went to the site.

Both women were placed under arrest by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Border Patrol, and they were booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail. They are each facing a charge of possession with intent to distribute drugs.

It was reported that the cocaine has a street value of over $2.1 million.

According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security wishes to charge the women federally.

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