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Mom Driving with Kids in U-Haul Busted for DUI

A woman from Cincinnati was jailed after allegedly drinking alcohol while driving a U-Haul with her two young children as passengers.

Late in the evening on June 6, the authorities in Hart County, Kentucky, were notified by someone driving on Interstate 65 North. The caller reported that they saw someone driving a U-Haul with children inside, and they could see the driver drinking what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage.

Kentucky State Police troopers searched the area where the U-Haul was reportedly seen, and they were able to quickly locate the vehicle, which they said was being driven erratically. They performed a traffic stop to investigate the situation.

It was reported that when the troopers began to talk to the driver, they could smell alcohol. When asked about it, the woman allegedly admitted she drank a beer.

The troopers also noted that there was a 2-year-old in the passenger seat and a 10-month-old in a baby seat on the floor between the driver and passenger side. The baby seat was reportedly not buckled or stabilized.

The woman reportedly first told the police she was going to Cincinnati, but then said she was going to Indiana.

When the troopers were taking the youngsters out of the vehicle, they reportedly found three cans of Four Loko on the floor under the baby seat.

The woman’s blood-alcohol level was recorded as being 0.178.

The mom was placed under arrest and booked into the Hart County Jail. She is expected to face charges on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, first-degree wanton endangerment, possession of an open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle, and failure to use a child restraint device in a vehicle.

She is currently being held in lieu of a $9,500 cash bond.

Social services took custody of the children.

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