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Internet-Using Driver Accused of Sideswiping Cop Car

A Vermont man is being charged for allegations that he was using an electronic device connected to the internet while driving, causing his vehicle to make an impact with a police car parked in the emergency lane.

Last Thursday afternoon, the driver of a vehicle who was having car troubles pulled to the side of the Interstate and called for police assistance so he would be safe from the surrounding traffic.

A Vermont State Police officer dispatched to the location and parked on the shoulder with his emergency flasher on so he could lend his assistance to the person experiencing the mechanical mishap.

While the officer was engaging with the motorist in need, a vehicle reportedly drove past and clipped the back side of the police car. After the automobiles collided, the driver of the car allegedly responsible for the accident failed to stop and properly deal with the incident.

The officer hopped into his car and trailed the vehicle for about a mile until he was able to pull the man over.

The driver was identified as 55-year-old Kevin Bacon, who holds no relation to the actor.

Bacon was placed under arrest for purportedly causing the collision, and he was charged with gross negligent operation of a vehicle, and leaving the scene of a crash. Instead of incarceration, Bacon was issued a citation, and an order to appear in court at the end of July for the charges.

When the authorities were collecting details surrounding the event, they allegedly found information indicating that Bacon was searching the IMDB website to try to find a specific episode of the classic sitcom Saved by the Bell when the accident occurred.

Bacon was given traffic citations for texting while driving, and operation on approach of emergency vehicles based on accusations that his immediate need for the television show’s episode title drew his focus from safely driving his car.

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