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Intoxicated Man Punched Cars in Publix Parking Lot While Pantless

A 46-year-old man was arrested for allegedly dropping his pants in a supermarket parking lot while he proceeded to kick trashcans and punch cars.

When Indian River County Sheriff’s Department deputies entered the parking lot of a Publix supermarket in a Vero Beach, Florida, on the evening of Thursday, April 19 they discovered a man, later identified as Wisconsin native Jonathan Boettcher, sweating heavily and acting erratically. Boettcher was allegedly screaming while his pants and underpants were pulled down, and he was reportedly waving his arms wildly.

Boettcher was approached and questioned by a deputy regarding the behavior he was allegedly displaying. He disclosed that he had only consumed one beer and smoked a portion of a marijuana cigarette in a homeless camp located in the back of the market. He further stated that he removed his pants because one of his friends had driven by and mooned him causing him to drop his drawers and respond in kind, and his perspiration was caused by the hot weather that he was unaccustomed to.

Witnesses at the Publix gave statements to officers and one noted that she watched as Boettcher kicked over the cigarette butt collector on the top of a trashcan outside of the store, and a second witness offered testimony that prior to removing his clothing he was jumping on top of and punching vehicles.

Deputies placed Boettcher under arrest and he was charged with disorderly public intoxication. On Friday a judge handed down a sentence of 45 days in county jail in order for Boettcher to make restitution on the charges for his actions.

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