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Intoxicated Mom Assaulted Teens at Boozy Birthday Bash

A woman in Pennsylvania is facing charges after allegedly supplying her 17-year-old daughter and her underage friends with alcohol, and reportedly assaulting one of the kids at the party.

Late in the evening on September 29, a Republican woman who once ran for the position of lieutenant governor reportedly held a party at her home for her daughter’s 17th birthday. It was reported that 20 teenagers attended, and the woman allegedly made alcoholic beverages available to them with a fully stocked bar.

During the party, the woman allegedly served and did shots with the minors. Her boyfriend was there, and he was reportedly drunk. The adults at the party got into a fight, and the man allegedly ended up punching one of the teenage guests. A third adult at the party reportedly hit one teen in the eye and assaulted another.

Several guests tried to leave, but the birthday girl’s mother reportedly told them they needed to stay. A group of them began to depart, and she allegedly punched one of them in the face three times. A couple of people standing nearby recorded videos on their cell phones.

Around 3:00 AM, the mother of one of the teens who was reportedly assaulted at the soiree notified the authorities to report the situation. They informed the police that adults were physically assaulting teenagers, and they believed all in attendance were intoxicated.

According to reports, the police had been to the same residence at least four times since last Spring for similar incidents.

The woman who allegedly hosted the event is scheduled to appear in court to answer for charges of assault, harassment, and selling or furnishing liquor to a minor.

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