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Intoxicated Teenager Crashes Car Into Sand Trap on Golf Course

On Tuesday, June 5, a 19-year-old young man who is suspected of having been under the influence of alcohol navigated his vehicle onto a golf course where he allegedly drove erratically until crashing into a sand trap.

Jack Robertson, a teenager and a resident of Seminole, was allegedly out driving his car around 6:30 pm on Tuesday while he was reportedly inebriated.

Robertson made his way to the Bayou Country Club near his home and allegedly drove his car onto the grassy fairway of the golf course. Members of the club that were present reported that they saw Robertson driving his vehicle around the course and doing donuts. After a short time, Robertson allegedly ended up getting stuck when he crashed his car into a sand trap.

When police arrived at the scene they detected the scent of alcohol and suspected that Robertson was intoxicated. He complied with taking a field sobriety test and his behavior during the procedure reportedly led the authorities to further believe that Robertson was drunk. According to the arrest affidavit, when Robertson was given a breathalyzer test his blood alcohol content registered at between .20 and .21 percent.

Robertson was placed under arrest and charged with one count of felony criminal mischief, one misdemeanor charge of reckless driving with property damage, and one misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence.

After remitting a $2650 bond, Robertson was released from custody.

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