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General Manager of Anaheim Company Accused of Embezzlement

On June 6, an executive at a company in Anaheim was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement that reportedly took place over the span of seven or more years. He is now facing several felony charges for the allegations.

Jeffrey Joseph Lenhardt has been the general manager of Foam Plastics and Rubber Products in Anaheim since September of 1990. Twenty-four years later in November of 2014, another worker at the company allegedly found discrepancies that led to suspicion of Lenhardt’s activities when noticing a cash transaction that was not written in the business ledger.

Lenhardt, who reportedly started his fraudulent behavior by offering customers off-the-books purchases of leftover pieces of materials from the shop that would have otherwise been refuse, is accused of accepting cash for the transactions without recording them.

In addition to the sales of surplus goods Lenhardt also reportedly recruited employees of the company to assemble items that he sold to customers. He is additionally under suspicion of involving his friend’s business in the questionable practices as well.

Over a dozen customers unknowingly purchased the products from Lenhardt over 7 years resulting in his alleged financial gain in an amount of nearly $185,000.

As of Wednesday, 59-year-old Lenhardt is facing ten felony charges comprised of nine counts of computer access and fraud, and one count of grand theft by embezzlement. Sentencing enhancements for property damage exceeding $65,000, and aggravated white collar crime between $100,000 and $500,000 were added in addition.

Lenhardt is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on June 22.

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