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Intoxicated Woman Kidnapped Grandchildren

 The grandmother of an infant and preteen allegedly kidnapped them from their home and drove away with them while intoxicated. 

Just before 4:30 AM last Sunday, the mother of a 12-year-old daughter and a 2-month-old son had an argument with her mother. She reported that her mother was intoxicated and wanted to take the girl out in the car. She informed her mother that she would not let her daughter get into the car. 

It was reported that the woman fought with her daughter about taking the girl, and allegedly threatened to take the infant as well. 

The mother of the youngsters called her grandmother to try to get her to help with the situation, and while she was on the telephone her mom reportedly took the children and drove away with them in the car.   

The authorities were notified about the alleged kidnapping, and officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department went to the woman’s residence to investigate. 

When the police located the car that the children were in, they performed a traffic stop. The driver was identified as the children’s grandmother, and the youngsters were in the vehicle. 

She reportedly showed signs of intoxication, and she told the police she had been drinking. 

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. She is expected to face several charges including first-degree felony child kidnapping, felony driving under the influence with two or more priors in 10 years, two felony counts of driving under the influence with a passenger less than 16 years old, misdemeanor driving on a suspended/revoked license denied with prior conviction, misdemeanor alcohol restricted driver, and misdemeanor interlock restricted driver operating vehicle without interlocking system. She is being held without bail. 

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