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Fleeing Biker Hit by Truck While Giving Officers the Finger 

A Florida Man on a motorcycle was arrested after he was hit by a truck while reportedly flipping the bird to the police that he was allegedly trying to flee from. 

Late in the evening on March 3, a group of at least 7 motorcyclists was riding down a local street in Volusia County. They were reportedly driving unsafely and darting between cars. 

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department saw the motorcycles doing “wheelies” and began to pursue them. They tried to perform a traffic stop, but the riders reportedly ignored them. 

They were approaching a red light, and the motorcyclists reportedly sped through the intersection. One of the riders looked back at the officers and allegedly stuck up his middle finger as he reportedly ignored the traffic signal. 

Before he could make it to the other side, a truck struck the motorcycle. 

The other motorcyclists appeared to continue driving without him. 

The injured rider reportedly got up and forced the police to chase him on foot before they were able to cuff him on the ground. 

When the man tried to let the officers know that he was in pain from the accident, one of them responded by saying, “idiot.” The man agreed with the officer that it was not an intelligent thing to do. 

The injured man was taken into custody and booked into the Volusia County Jail. He is expected to face charges for fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, resisting without violence, and leaving the scene of a crash. He was given citations for traffic infractions including failure to stop at a red light and passing in a no-pass zone. 

He was released on a $6,000 bond. 

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