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Intruder Put Firecrackers Under Sleeping Child’s Bed

A man has been charged for several infractions after he reportedly went inside of a home without permission and tossed a lit string of firecrackers under the bed of a slumbering 9-year-old.

44-year-old Matthew Morrison has been sleeping on the premises of the residents of a home who allowed him to stay there after a mutual friend requested their assistance. The house, located in Crestview, Florida, which is just under an hour from Pensacola, has a yard in which the dwellers gave Morrison permission to pitch a tent and camp on their property.

On July 6, Morrison, who bears no relation to the actor with the same name from the former hit television show “Glee,” allegedly decided to go inside the house without asking the tenants if it was okay with them.

The couple’s young daughter was sleeping in her bed, and Morrison allegedly went into her room with several firecrackers that were held together by string.

Morrison reportedly ignited the fuse and tossed the firecrackers under the child’s bed causing her to be jarred awake by the explosive sounds.

The man living in the home hastily grabbed a stick and ran Morrison out of the home, additionally revoking his invitation to live in the yard.

When deputies arrived they talked to the child and reported that she said she was terrified and tearful due to the way she was forced to wake up. The homeowner explained Morrison’s presence on the property and gave an account of the incident.

The deputies apprehended Morrison, who allegedly told them that the entire event was merely a prank that had an unintended and negative outcome. When one of the attending law enforcement officers was interviewed, he said that it didn’t appear as if Morrison’s version was consistent with what seemed to have taken place.

During the process of placing Morrison under arrest, the deputies allegedly found that his pants pockets contained two grams of methamphetamine.

Morrison is facing charges for suspicion of burglary, child cruelty without great harm, and possession of a controlled substance, in response to his antics.

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