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Jail Credits – No Longer 50%

Family and friends of criminal defendants facing a lengthy incarceration in the Orange County jail have found some relief when told that an inmate is likely to only serve 50% of his sentence, with good time and/or work time credits. Someone sentenced to 180 days in jail would only serve an actual 90 days, thanks to emergency legislation earlier this year aimed at combating jail and prison overcrowding. That legislation has, however, come to an end.

On September 29, 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger legislation, effective immediately, which returned credit calculation to the previous system of 2/3 credits. If the crime discussed above were committed after September 29, 2010, the defendant would now serve 120 days of the 180 sentence, with good time/work time credits. Crimes committed before that date (but after the original legislation, reducing the credits) are still subject to 50% credits.

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