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Did Singer Chris Brown Violate Probation?

Things were looking up for pop singer Chris Brown. After pleading guilty to felony domestic violence charges against fellow pop singer Rihanna in June, 2009 and agreeing, among other things to complete 180 days of community service and a 52-week batterer’s treatment program or domestic violence class, Brown appeared in court recently to show proof that he had completed his program. He was also successful in getting a restraining order against him modified to allow peaceful contact with Rihanna. Brown remained, however, on 5 years of formal probation.

That may now prove problematic.

Brown appeared on Good Morning America this morning to promote a new album. He was, however, grilled about his violent past and became increasingly angry at journalist Robin Roberts. At the end of the interview, he reportedly returned to his dressing room in a rage, trashing the room and smashing a window. He left ABC studios with no shirt on.  Security was called, but it is unclear if a police report was filed. If a police report was filed, Brown is likely to be violated on probation. He could very well be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor vandalism, both of may send him to jail. Even if he isn’t charged with a vandalism, Brown’s probation officer could still file a petition with the court and ask that his probation be violated for the violent outburst.

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