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Jailed Councilwoman Bites and Breaks Thumb of Officer

A city councilwoman of a small town in Kansas is facing charges after an incident following her arrest where she has been accused of biting a police officer on his thumb so hard that it broke the bone.

Late in the morning on June 29, officers arrived at the home of Carol Fowler, a 48-year-old woman from Huron, Kansas, who works on the city council for the location that serves as home to 73 residents. She was being apprehended due to an outstanding warrant issued for failing to appear at a scheduled court date for charges she incurred in December.

Fowler allegedly was not compliant with the officers when they tried to arrest her, and she was reported as having kicked and scratched at them until a stun gun was eventually deployed in an attempt to subdue her. Neither of the deputies reported any significant injuries to them during the encounter, and she was taken to the Atchison county jail.

On Monday, during the finalization of booking Fowler, she allegedly became uncooperative again and put up a struggle against five officers that were present. During the purported scuffle, Fowler took the thumb of one of the attending officers into her mouth and bit down hard enough to break the bone.

In addition to Fowler being charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer from the alleged incident that transpired when she was initially detained at her residence, she is also facing the possibility of charges for battery on an officer for when the deputy was bitten at the Sheriff’s department.

Fowler is being held in lieu of $25,343 bail. She was scheduled to appear in court on July 9 for the allegations that she fought the officers when they tried to arrest her, but she was deemed unfit to appear based on her emotional and physical state, so she was issued a new date of July 16.

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