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Jersey Mom in Stolen Car Arrested for Abducting Daughter

A woman from northeastern New Jersey was arrested on multiple charges after allegedly taking her child without permission while driving a vehicle that had previously been reported as stolen.

On April 24, a 28-year-old mother from Jersey City who reportedly does not have custody of her daughter took off in an automobile that was allegedly stolen. According to reports, she drove to an address in Bogota where her daughter was staying. She allegedly knew she was not supposed to take the child, but she reportedly left with her in the vehicle.

The authorities were notified, and it was reported that the child was found at a residence in Lodi with her mother.

The Bogota Police Department along with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Child Abduction Response Team began investigating the alleged abduction the following day. They found out that the car the woman was driving had been reported stolen.

On April 25, the woman was arrested and booked into the county lockup. She is facing charges of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree receiving of stolen property, fourth-degree interfering with custody, fourth-degree contempt, and fourth-degree theft by unlawful means of conveyance. According to jail records, she was released the following day.

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