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Jilted Wife Wanted Woman Murdered as Birthday Gift

When the wife of a man who cheated and fathered a child with another woman had a birthday approaching, she allegedly tried to pay an unknown man to help her murder the other woman as a present to herself.

Ashley Spencer is a 33-year-old married woman from Palm Bay, and she will celebrate her  34th birthday on September 16.

Spencer learned that someone had filed a petition asking her husband for child support, and she figured out that he had an affair with a woman who works as a deputy at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. She additionally discovered that during their extramarital coupling they produced a male child together.

On the afternoon of August 29, Spencer reportedly sent her friend a message on Snapchat asking if the woman had any contacts that were felons and “willing to do a job.”

Later that day, the woman Spencer allegedly contacted notified the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office with her growing concern that the deputy with whom Spencer’s husband had an affair was in danger. The woman reportedly told the authorities that Spencer is one of her friends, has mental health issues, and has mentioned more than once that she was going to hurt the deputy and her baby.

Investigators asked the person who made the report to work with them on August 31, as an officer was going to work undercover acting as the allegedly requested felon. The officer wanted the woman to help set up a meeting with Spencer to see if they could discover her true intentions regarding the deputy.

When Spencer agreed to meet on September 2 at a restaurant in Melbourne, the undercover officer reportedly captured the exchange between them on audio and video.

Spencer allegedly told the undercover officer that she needed help making sure no one would intervene in her plan to enter the deputy’s residence and shoot her. She additionally reportedly stated that she wouldn’t hurt the child.

Spencer was told that the cost of the service would be $2,000.

After their meeting, during which Spencer allegedly said the murder would serve as a birthday gift for herself, had concluded, enough information was collected that the authorities were granted an arrest warrant.

Spencer was apprehended and booked into the county jail. She is expected to face charges for two felonies comprised of solicitation to commit murder, and solicitation to commit burglary.

When Spencer was speaking with the undercover officer in the restaurant, she allegedly confided that the deputy provided the male child to her husband that she had been unable to. The assertion that it caused her extreme emotional distress is being considered as a possible motive.

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