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Man Ratted on Self to Police About Stealing K9

While the police were investigating a claim about a stolen power tool, the suspect accused of taking it told them that he was part of a previous incident regarding a stolen police K9.

On August 26, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office was alerted by a homeowner who said that a man was on his property and that the alleged intruder did not have permission to be there. A weed whacker gardening machine was also reported as missing from the premises.

When the authorities arrived, they reported that they saw a man identified as Brandon Harmon, a 24-year-old Smithfield local.

Police approached Harmon to discuss whether he was illegally on the premises, and when mentioning the weed whacker that was reported missing, the man allegedly said if he was able to get a ride to a nearby location he could show them a weed eater that he believed had been scored in a theft.

When they arrived at the spot and took a look at the gardening device, the authorities determined that it was not the weed whacker they were seeking.

The police reported that Harmon was rather chatty during their time together, and noted that the man asked about an incident involving a K9 that was taken from an officer’s home and had been missing for a while before they were able to recover him.

Harmon allegedly disclosed that he had a part in taking the K9, and reportedly said that he used canned Vienna sausages to entice the dog out of the officer’s home so that it could be taken.

Harmon was taken into custody, and he is expected to face charges for second-degree criminal trespassing, and theft by unlawful taking.

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